Iranian student: we were never free in past 40 years; we will never be free in next 40 years

[On the Students’ Day in Iran, Iranian student in Tabriz university slams the Iranian establishment for not creating freedom in the universities. He also backs workers and teachers who have been under pressure by the Iranian establishment. His talk is disrupted by the hardline students who support Khamenei.]

 –It is the 40th anniversary of the revolution. If during past 40 years, you couldn’t create freedom in the university which founded the revolution, you will not be able to do so in next 40 years. That is not right for officials to come to university and say, ‘we will do this or that’ and then do nothing. Esmaeel Bakhshi is a worker who has demanded his rights and is in jail now. Head of teachers’ union in Mashhad has been taken to a madhouse by force. Why? Because he had said that teachers’ salaries are not enough. With a salary of 1.2 million tomans, what kind of life can a teacher have in Tehran? The leader of Islamic Republic of Iran has been in this position for 30 years. Why doesn’t he respond to universities’ demands? Why doesn’t he come to the university to talk to students?

[Hardline students: Death to Seditionist!]

–We are not seditionists. We are worried for the establishment and the nation. Only dictators don’t listen to their opponents’ words.