Rouhani lies about US putting sanctions on foods and drugs!

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

 [Although the US officials have said it again and again, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claims that the United States has put sanctions on foods and drugs against Iran.]

 Hassan Rouhani: You shouldn’t keep saying 4 or 10 or 20 European companies have left Iran. Let them go. We will attract investment in different ways from friendly countries. It is right to say that the United States has stood up against Iranian people, which is great injustice and great betrayal. The United States showed that it isn’t just the opponent of Iranian government; it isn’t just against Iranian establishment; it is against Iran; it is against Iranian people. Otherwise, why is there sanction everywhere? Why sanctions against medicines and drugs? Why sanctions against foods? The United States is undoubtedly the enemy of Iranian nation. And not just the enemy of Iranian government and establishment. Against the United States, we have good neighbors instead. We must have better interactions with them. We have many friends: Russia, China, India, European Union, some African countries, some countries in Latin America are our friends. We must work with them. We must attract investment.