Gun shows in Iran!

[IRIB report on gun shows in Isfahan.]

 Reporter: Ghadir of Isfahan and shows where equipment and weapons of armed forces can be seen. The Holy War Week has become an opportunity so that different military units can display some of their achievements.

–When the radar receives the target’s data, it sends them to S-200 computer. This computer processes the data. Then the processed data are sent for the S-200 missile. And the missile is fired towards the target.

Reporter: Is this system completely Iranian?

–Completely Iranian. 100% local.

Reporter: And it is being used?

–Now wherever there are S-200 sites in the country, all sites are using this new system.

Reporter: This is the stand for light weapons, and shooting laser gun has attracted many visitors.

–This gun is called Khaybar and is designed based on American and Israeli M16. With reverse engineering done inside the country, these guns are produced in Iran.

Reporter: Army Aviation’s experts too unveiled one of their new equipment in their stand.

–We are doing the researches with regard to night vision cameras to enhance the helicopters’ flights. We have brought a small part of what we are doing for our people to see. But when what is done in the bases and headquarters of Air Aviation reaches the level of productivity, they will be publicized by our commanders.