Strike after strike, truck drivers continue!

[Widespread strike of truck drivers in Iran continues.]

 –Greeting to all friends. I am an owner of tanker trucks from the city of Arak. I am here to talk to you about our protest and strike. Since June 22, the truck drivers have launched a strike. But the officials have paid no attention to our demands. Spare parts and tires have had 150% inflation. It has been ten years we have had this problem. We have been able to manage ourselves so far. But we cannot do so any longer. We really cannot. We have no other choice but strike. Two months from now, these trucks will automatically be grounded. We have announced our solidarity – Arak’s truck drivers, owners of tanker trucks and the terminal. I announce it on behalf of all that we are on strike and we announce our solidarity. Under such conditions and with these problems, there is no way for working. Officials must do something and think of us, the drivers. We can’t any longer. We are all grounded.