Zarif: selling oil is core of EU financial channel with Iran

Anchor: Foreign Minister, in response to Reuters’ claim as to elimination of oil from financial mechanism between Iran and Europe – SPV – said that selling oil is the core of European Union’s financial channel with Iran. Zarif asserted that according to received information, if Iran’s oil money is not deposited into any account, it is not clear that the money for transactions has existed. Zarif added that, on the other hand, a major part of Iran’s export is oil, and creating negative atmosphere is for making people lose their hopes. Foreign Minister said Europeans hold that implementing the JCPOA is necessary for their security, which is why they must pay for their own security and implementing the JCPOA. Zarif said we have established technical relations with Europeans to create this special mechanism.

[Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif talks about how exporting oil is central in Iran’s relation with Europeans.]