Nouri Al Maliki slams axis of America-Saudi in the region

Nouri Al Maliki: Another challenge that the government faces, in addition to providing the public services, is the political condition of Iraq as a country in the region and with Arab neighbors. That is because in the previous government, Iraq entered alliances with Saudi Arabia and America and it wasn’t to Iraq’s disadvantage. At the same time, America wants Iraq to be in an axis led by Saudi Arabia. This is a challenge and Iraqi new government has to get out of this axis. And that is because political alliances in Iraq will not remain silent about Iraq’s presence in such alliances, as it is an alliance with those who killed, destroyed and are now engaged in a war against Iran and Iraq. They want to penetrate the political process in Iraq. Saudi-American axis wants to use Iraq’s soil for striking Iran and regions close to Iraq. Arab NATO will not be formed. Arab countries are too weak to form such a force and have military intervention. These countries know very well that when Saudi Arabia, Israel, and America talk of Arab NATO, they want this Arab NATO to besiege Iran. They have openly asked Iraq to be a member of this NATO. But Iraqi government will not become a member of Arab NATO and the parliament will not allow it. That is because we know that their goal is to confront with Islamic Republic of Iran. We won’t allow Iraq to become a part of the plan of America and Saudi Arabi against Iran.

[Former Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al Maliki, talks about different challenges facing the new government of Iraq, including getting out of alliances with America and Saudi Arabia.]