IRIB: Trump kneels before Saudis

Reporter: Trump kneels before the Saudis for a fistful of dollars. Farid Zakaria, experienced journalist and analyst, pointed to the US President’s attempts at whitewashing the murder of a Saudi journalist, saying that the US president has kneeled in front of Saudi royal family, and it seems that Trump has his own reasons for covering murder of Khashoggi.

Farid Zakaria: For the US president, this is demeaning. The bigger issue is that why we have handed over the US foreign policy in the Middle East to Saudi Arabia. Apart from the issue of Khashoggi, why are we supporting Saudis’ war against Yemen? This war has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. When Saudis abducted Lebanese prime minister, what did the United States gain? Why does the foreign policy of the United States follow Saudis’ foreign policy? A policy that hasn’t been successful anywhere. Some think it is possible that the Gulf countries have hugely invested in the real estate for Trump.

[Iran state-run TV (IRIB) cites CNN Farid Zakaria on Trump’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.]