‘Iran is not isolated from the world’


Qassem Sulaimani, the commander of the IRGS’ Quds Force says, “In the past 15 or perhaps 16 years, around two million three hundred thousand people were killed in countries neighbouring Iran in wars for which America was responsible, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Syria today and in many other places. But this country [Iran] is a safe, powerful and sovereign nation. This country has immense political authority and security. However, some seek wrongly to implant the idea in people’s heads that we are an isolated country and that we should emerge from this isolation.”

Sulaimani adds, “This claim is wrong; if we were isolated, why would enemies insist on having an agreement with us why would our enemy [the USA] insist on building a relationship with us while we are supposedly isolated? If we are nothing, if we have no role, if we are zero, why does our enemy continuously insist on having relations with us? This [Iranian] system has great sovereignty, a deep authority, and deep regional geopolitics. The deep respect which our country, in terms of political, cultural and religious aspects, enjoys in the Muslim world cannot be found in any previous eras of Iranian history