The West and its allies fear Arbaeen ceremony!

Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi — one of the propagandists of Iranian regime and member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

 [Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi — one of the propagandists of Iranian regime and member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution — claims that the west and its allies are afraid of Arbaeen ceremony – a Shia ceremony which is annually held in Iraq. It is widely believed that Iran uses this ceremony for its political intentions in the region.] 

 Rahimpour Azghadi: Our interests are the same. One of the reasons why Saddam Hossein launched the war against Iran immediately after Iranian revolution – he later said it in his confessions and it is mentioned in documents of the US embassy in Tehran – was that they had told him ‘if you don’t do it, there will be a revolution in Iraq immediately after Iran, and there will be another Islamic Republic. Then the two countries would be connected’. That is exactly why they imposed the war on Iran. But today as you can see, this has already happened. Today the people of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Gaza have become connected to each other. As for those who chant the slogan of ‘let go of Syria, let go of Iraq’, they will later say ‘let go of Iran’. This is what they are aiming for. Yesterday, I saw it on the Internet that they say, ‘let go of Khashoggi’. This shows that they have the same origin. Why don’t you let go of Syria and Iraq? Why should we let go of them? The oppressed Shi’a and Sunni people are under pressure and have asked for help. They keep talking about Iran spending money there. What has expanded in Syria and Iran is not because of Iran’s money. Right now, Iraq’s oil revenue is more than us. Iraq exports 4 million barrels of oil. They don’t need our money. What was influential in Iraq and Syria was the blood of our children, not our money. It was our revolutionary school of thought. Otherwise, they don’t need our money. Right now, the value of the currencies of Syria and Iraq is more than the value of the currency of our Central Bank. It is not that they are expecting our money. And there was no money to spend there. [They say] ‘they took your money there. Let go of Syria and think of us. Let go of Khashoggi and think of us.’ All these are for doing something for you! Let me say one more thing. Once Bashar Assad had said – he himself said it to Iranian officials – that ‘the United States, Saudi Arabia, indirectly Israel, and European Union have repeatedly told me to cut my ties with Iran and Hezbollah and don’t be an ally with Iraq, and then we will keep you and your children here forever and we will fix the ruins in Syria as well. You just cut your ties with Iran, Hezbollah, and Palestine.’ It is they who can say that they have been sacrificed to Iran. Just as there were people in Iraq who said that ‘they wanted to target Iran but attacked Iraq instead’. You should look at it from that angle too. There are some people in Syria and Iraq who say that ‘let go of Iran, we don’t want to be sacrificed to Iran’. All these are conspiracies and seditions – be it here or there. Their main worry is that this march of 10 or 20 million people from 72 nations — and this meeting place of Shi’as in the world and even non-Shi’a, revolutionary, freedom seeking and justice seeking people — from Najaf to Karbala might suddenly change its direction and go toward Al-Qods. They don’t want this to happen, but it will happen anyway.