Iran testing more missiles

[Shalamcheh and Tabas missiles are tested during the joint wargame of air defense, Velayat 97.]

 Reporter: Roaring of Shalmcheh and Tabas [missiles] in Iran’s sky. On the second and last day of joint wargame of air defense, Velayat 97, Shalamcheh and Tabas missiles were successfully tested. Air force fighter jets too displayed modern methods of combats in different weather conditions and during different hours of night and day.

–Agility, high-speed in preparation, ability to perform during electronic warfare, requiring minimum of staff, continuation and sustainability of action in different weather conditions throughout day and night are some of the features of these systems.

–Sky of our dear Iran is the safest. This is not what we claim; it has been announced by ICAO.

Reporter: On the other hand, health and treatment teams of armed forces offered free special treatments to people in deprived regions during the wargame.