Ahmadinejad to Rouhani: people don’t approve of you!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Two brothers [Larijani brothers] heading two branches – one was pulling this way; the other was pulling that way. Every day they created an issue, they arrested, they threatened, they impeached, they summoned. They are always together. They are two blades of a scissor for cutting people’s throat, for smashing the people, for gaining power, for dominance over people’s resources. I don’t want to get into that now. Five years have passed. What conditions are you in now? The economy is about to collapse, public trust is almost zero, dissatisfaction is at its peak, class differences are at their peak. And there is extensive poverty. How can a family live with 800,000 tomans? With 1 million tomans? And some people don’t even have that much money. Those who are covered by Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, how do they live? How can they eat just eggs every day? On the one hand, they must bear poverty and problems. On the other hand, they must bear corruption, which has become ten times more during your presidency, Mr. Rouhani. Let me say it clearly. The nation is unhappy, particularly with the government. People don’t approve of the government. They don’t approve of other branches either. And I will talk about that at the right time. But they don’t approve of this government. Mr. Rouhani, people don’t approve of you. How else should they say it? When people don’t want you, how come you are the president? How do you want to make any decisions? Where do you get your legitimacy? If it is not so, hold a referendum. Obviously, you are aware of people’s views. Nowadays, senior officials don’t dare to go to street. They don’t dare to go to people’s gatherings. Obviously, you have taken the wrong direction. Nobody has inherited the country. You have no right to destroy the country. You have no right to discredit the country in the world. You have no right to give wrong information to the people. You have no right to impose poverty on Iranian nation. Some people, of course, believe that this is intentional. It is all deliberate. They think that if people become powerful, they won’t accept them any longer. Let people become so strong that they do not accept someone like you or me. What is wrong with that? Let Iran be honorable, let our beliefs be honorable. Who says you have to be on top forever? I don’t want any positions. I am one individual, an Iranian citizen. It is my right to want my country to be honorable. You have divested the nation from all powers. And now they are all in your hands. There is only political dispute on top for power. Everyone is after eliminating the other one. Would this be diary bread for the nation? Would this help the country move ahead? Mr. Rouhani, you, all your supporters, both political cations in the country and heads of other two branches are accomplices in this situation. You are all accomplices in this situation. Compare their lives with the beginning of the revolution. What did they have? And they were all officials in high-ranking positions. What do they have now? Have the rest of the people grown equally? And the country has endless means. Why do you say, ‘we don’t have anything’? The country has so much money, wealth, and resources. Some people are controlling and pocketing a part of it, and a part of it is being hoarded. And the people are suffering. I think there is not much time left. People have already given you enough time. The best you can do is to apologize to people and give the scene to the people themselves. I hope they will accept these kind advices.