Abbasi’s wishful thinking preconditions for talks with US!

Hassan Abbasi, former IRGC officer and Iranian regime’s propagandist

 [Hassan Abbasi, former IRGC officer and Iranian regime’s propagandist, has an odd list of preconditions that he wants to come true before Iran negotiates with the United States.]

 Hassan Abbasi: We must make it clear what we want and what they want at the negotiation table. We can sit at the negotiation table when these things come true: 1) America must shut down all porn websites. 2) They must recognize hijab. 3) Wall Street must be closed as the center for usury in the world. And they must stop usury economy. 4) They must dismantle Israel from here and take it to someplace else. 5) America must accept to become a Muslim country. Let me advise you here: do not stop until you make them convert to your religion. If we don’t want Americans to convert to our twelve-imam Shi’a, Americans will make us convert to their religion and make us usurers, corrupt and followers of American life-style. That is all. You cannot stop until you have made the whole world convert to your religion. It is only then that Imam Zaman will emerge.