Iranian Twitter users slam Zarif for saying ‘we will endure against US sanctions’

Anchor: ‘We will endure’. This is the hottest hashtag of the day. This hashtag is in response to Mohammad Javad Zarif’s remarks who has said that ‘we will endure against the US sanctions’. Mehdi has said that we are living in a political system in which they talk about enduring, instead of giving more welfare and better life to the people. The system was going to turn the White House into a Hosseiniyeh and wipe out Israel from the map and previously Ayatollah Khamenei promised that we will become one the most advanced countries in the world by 2065. But now, according to this user, their biggest glory is that ‘we will endure’. Many users have published images like these, pointing that the officials who do not worry about earning their bread must talk about enduring. That is because it is the people who have to live in graves, look for food in trash cans, and sell their kidneys to live. Previously these people were told to eat eshkeneh [a kind of cheap Iranian food], or eat once a day, or if they don’t have the money, they shouldn’t go to foreign trips. Deputy to Health Minister had earlier denied the existence of livelihood problems, because, in his opinion, if people didn’t have money to buy food, they would not be fat. Zarif who is now talking about enduring, had earlier said that ‘this is the style of life we ourselves have chosen’. Apart from these criticisms, many users used this hashtag in reverse. They address the Foreign Minister, saying ‘we will endure, but you will not’. Kaveh Shirzad has written, ‘we will endure so we can have dignity, so we don’t have to be slaves, so our children will have a future, so we won’t witness execution any longer, and so we won’t have Islamic Republic; we won’t endure to go down with you, or collapse, or become poor, or fall apart and become destroyed.’ Shima Babaee too has said, ‘we will endure to prove to you that no injustice will last forever, so you can see that we will defeat you guns with our empty hands, until the day that we will see your end’. Let’s finish this part with Sardar’s tweet who talks of possible addition of a new crime for porters, teachers and workers: action against national endurance.

[When Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran will endure against the US sanctions, Twitter users slammed him for being insensitive to people’s predicaments and problems.]