Khamenei, the Expert of FATF and International Conventions!

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

 [Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei talks about how he thinks the international conventions such as FATF are formed, urging that Iran must accept them.]

 Ali Khamenei: These international treaties that are called conventions are originally created somewhere. Those 100 or 150 countries, for example, that would later join it have no role in creating it in the beginning. Some big powers will get together in their so-called think tanks and define something for their own interests and expediency. Then they will ratify it by those who are aligned with them, scared of them, or are their followers and have no interests in it. If an independent country like the Islamic Republic says it doesn’t accept it – it doesn’t accept this international convention – those 150 or 200 or 120 countries that have accepted the convention slam that country, saying, ‘how come you don’t accept it?’ Conventions are mostly like this. Iranian parliament must pass its own legislation. Let’s say with regard to terrorism and money laundering. The Iranian parliament is courageous, wise and mature. And it has a good record. They must pass a legislation. It isn’t necessary for us to accept something without knowing what it is –or even knowing that it has problems – just for its positive aspects.