Rouhani claims political victory vs. United States!

  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

[While Iranian people are suffering for their day to day livelihood and Iranian economy is rapidly deteriorating, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani brags about so-called political victory against the United States and isolating this country in the world.]

 Hassan Rouhani: What has happened in past weeks and past months was the decisive victory of Iranian people against the US conspiracies. From the political perspective, we have undoubtedly achieved an unprecedented historical victory in the world. It is unprecedented for the United States to take an important decision against a big country, and be abandoned by its traditional allies. If a year ago, we were saying that one day the United States would stand against Iran’s inalienable rights and Europe would stand by Iran against the United States, most certainly the majority wouldn’t accept it and would call it mere optimism. [They would say] ‘how could it be possible that in an important international issue, the United States takes a decision, and then almost all countries – except for a few – would stand by Iran and against the United States?’ To me, the political victory of Iran’s great nation is unprecedented in the history, and not just the history of Iran.