Raefipour: we are making ten times more than our costs in Syria and Iraq!

Ali Akbar Raefipour: Now you have heard that some people say why we are spending money in Syria. They are really stupid. For our costs in Syria and Iraq, we are gaining ten times more. It is not right to say such things. My friends, right now for our helps to Syria, we are exporting from their phosphate mines. It is not good to say such things. One of our conditions was that we should get a port in the Mediterranean Sea. Now we have a port in the Mediterranean Sea and we can export and import from it. The port is completely in our possession. We can have bases there. We can have military forces there so that they don’t do anything wrong there. One of the reasons they don’t strike Iran is that Iran can target Israel. Now after Syria, our access to Israel has become easier. Our military accesses are not even comparable to 5 or 6 years ago. We don’t need to fight them. We have people who are fighting them. We can close three big waterways of the world: Hormuz Strait, Bab-el-Mandeb, Suez Canal. Yes, we have access to Suez Canal. We aren’t willing to. But if we do want to and once there is a war, then it is war! We have gotten whatever we have spent in Iraq. What are these things that some are saying? If in trade, you can make two dollars, here you can make 10 dollars. What is the outcome? The outcome is that last year we had $7 billion exports to Iraq. What for? Because such things must happen. We saved you [Iraqis]. This creates influence. The estimate is that it will go up to 10 to 12 billion dollars in coming days. Nothing is produced in Iraq at all. Whatever goes there is either Iranian or Turkish.

[Ali Akbar Raefipour, propagandist of Iranian regime, talks about economic, military and political gains of Iran in helping Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, Iranian people, in different protests, have shown their rage at the money that is spent in these two countries.]