IRGC deputy commander: America in no position for military invasion!

Brigadier-General Salami: Today, with regard to effective reaction to powers such America, we have reached the power that we can threaten their vital interests. And even Trump himself said, ‘if it wasn’t for me, Iran could take control of the Middle East within 12 minutes’. Hearing this fact from our enemy is very important. It has been a while that they are not talking about the military option or threatening to military option any longer. It is thanks to our power. But it is also because of their inabilities. The mere fact of having physical power wouldn’t prepare the grounds for invasion. Americans today do not enjoy the necessary political conditions for invading any country, particularly Islamic Republic. That is because they cannot carry out military operation without coalition. Political conditions and legitimacy for their invasion are not created. And an invasion without political legitimacy will have extensive reflections in the world and in the public opinion of American people. Naturally the scale of war with Islamic Republic will go beyond the region. Can American start a war without measuring its dimensions, not having the tools for controlling it, and not being able to manage and control its outcomes and reactions? What is more, the US military infrastructures are old. Americans have almost left the Gulf. Apart from a few old destroyers, they don’t have anything else there. Today our dear leader said it. They might have advanced equipments, but most of these equipments belong to 40 or 50 years ago. Today their aircraft carriers are within the reach of precise ballistic missiles that can strike moving targets in the sea. Can they really stand against such weapons?

[IRGC Deputy Commander, Brigadier-General Hossein Salami, reasons why it is not possible for the United States to have military invasion against Iran. The United States has the biggest and strongest army in world.]