Noorizad: How can Khamenei not see all these problems?

Prominent vocal critic of Iranian regime, Mohammad Noorizad

 [Prominent vocal critic of Iranian regime, Mohammad Noorizad, slams Iranian people about not seeing all the catastrophic problems in the country.]

 Mohammad Noorizad: There is one question for me – please pay attention, my friends – the question is: how can a person be the leader and [not see] all these disasters that are happening in the country? For example, the environment is destroyed – rivers, lakes – huge embezzlements, prisons are filled with innocent people. And no one is accountable. The leader keeps talking about hope and brightness, and about the fact that Islam has become stabilized itself. Now my question really is: how can someone not see the realities at all? How is that possible? Now there is a reality in our society as to all opportunities and investments are fleeing the country.