Alamolhoda’s scenario for destroying the Gulf countries!

Alamolhoda: The president, the leader and all figures in the country say that if one day one drop of Iran’s oil is not exported, then one drop of oil from the Middle East and Hormuz Strait, too, will not be exported either. If Iran’s oil is not to be exported, Hormuz Strait is planted with mines. The fleet of the Army of Islamic Republic supervises and protects these mines. Everyday three Saudi oil tankers pass this strait. If our oil isn’t going to be exported, then at 5 o’clock of any day that we want to, we will confiscate Saudi oil tankers. We will confiscate their oil and take their personnel as captives. After confiscating these three oil tankers, joint oil field and rig of Emirate and Qatar will be closed by Iran. By firing one missile from Iran, the entire oil system of Qatar’s Vefagh base will be closed. Then they will try to confront and attack Iran from air. 6 international airports of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, Bahrain and Qatar will be targeted by missiles the very first minute. All sea and air connections will be cut off. Within 30 minutes, all air and sea routes of the Gulf countries will be destroyed by our missiles. And all roads will be cut off. Two military bases of military coalition of Gulf countries will stop working by Iran’s precision missiles, and their military capabilities will be cut in half. Qaher missiles have been given to Ansar Allah with its technology. Upon Iran’s order, the existing Qaher missiles are enough for Saudi’s Aramco oil plants, and all these plants will become dysfunctional. As for interference of America and its allies that will probably get involved: when they arrive, half of the world’s wealth – i.e. four fifth of the world’s fossil fuel will no longer exist – and the countries that are in possession of the four fifth of the fossil fuel – Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Emirates, Saudi Arabia – will go back to the stone age. The entire global economy and the stock markets — which mainly belong to these Arab countries — will stop working. From the beginning, the oil price will reach $400 per barrel. As for Iranian missiles: Dubai, 14 missiles (Shahab missile); Sharjah, 14 missiles; Manama, 4 missiles; Abu Dhabi, 7 missiles; Doha, 11 missiles; Kuwait’s Salmiya and Al Kuwait of, 22 missiles; Jedda, 24 missiles; Riyadh, 28 missiles. These missiles will destroy them. If one drop of oil is not exported, all the Gulf countries will be destroyed in half an hour. Within one hour, two big countries of Emirates and Saudi Arabia will be destroyed. In one hour and a half, America will no longer have anything in these countries. And we haven’t still dealt with Israel. Wait for the day we want to handle Israel. That is why they say that we have to dismantle our missiles.

[Ahamad Alamolhoda, hardline cleric and Mashhad’s Mass Prayer leader, describes a scenario in which Iran will destroy the entire Gulf region if it cannot export oil. The US sanctions aim at cutting Iran’s oil export to zero.]