Retaliation will be harsh for Ahwaz attack!

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei

 [Even though ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in Ahwaz, Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei insists on blaming Saudi Arabia and UAE, vowing that there will be severe punishment in retaliation for the attack.]

 Khamenei: Let me say something about this bitter incident in Ahwaz which took place a couple of days ago. It shows that we have many enemies in the path we that we have taken, which is the path of glory, superiority, and progress. All of you must always keep that in mind. We have many enemies. Of course, what they did was cowardly. When with machine guns, they attack a group of people who have no guns and cannot defend themselves, it is obvious that some people will get martyred. But it is not a courageous act. It is cowardly. Our youths have done the courageous act – each in a different field. You in the field of sports, some in the battlefield of holy defense, some in the field of science. These [acts] are brave and worthy. As far as I have been informed until today, it was done by those who when in trouble in Syria and Iraq, Americans come and save them – those who have their hands in the pockets of Saudi Arabia and UAE. Of course, we will punish them. They will be punished severely.