“It is the US that is isolated!”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

 [Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in his trip to New York for taking part in UN General Assembly, claims that the US is isolated. Meanwhile, most the foreign companies are leaving Iran, fearing US sanctions, and Iran’s economy has greatly deteriorated.]

 Hassan Rouhani: We are not isolated. It is the US that is isolated. US is now isolated in the UN General assembly. Today the it was isolated in the UN Security Council as well. They all disagreed with the US. And they all supported the JCPOA. They all said somehow that the path the US has chosen is wrong. In the region, we aren’t isolated either. We are from that region. Americans are strangers. They have come to our region from far away and have a lot of problems for their presence in the region and their security. We have no problems with them. We are in our own region. We have close, friendly relationship with the countries of the region.  Thus, it is the US problem. You said Iran is backing terrorist groups. I didn’t understand what you mean. You mean the groups that are fighting ISIS? You must tell us: is ISIS terrorist or those who fight ISIS? One of them. Both cannot be terrorists. As for those who are fighting ISIS, everyone unanimously believes that ISIS is terrorist. Everyone unanimously believes that Al Qaeda is terrorist. Everyone unanimously believes that Al Nusra is terrorist. Hezbollah is the group that ousted and drove them out of Lebanon. And the Lebanese are thankful for their newly found security. Hezbollah, along with Syrian people, drove ISIS out of more than 90% of Syria. Those who are fighting terrorism have a different position. It is clear who the terrorists are. Mr. Trump himself said that the US administration itself has created these terrorist groups. He said it himself during his election campaign and later. He said that these terrorist groups were created by the previous US administration. So, who should we believe? Naturally, the US president must have some information in this regard to say such things.