“Don’t eat meat!”, Jannati’s solution to rising prices!

Ahmad Jannati, Chairman of Assembly of Experts

 [At a time when prices are rising on day to day basis in Iran, Ahmad Jannati, Chairman of Assembly of Experts, tells people not to eat meat, instead of finding a solution to the economic problems.]

 Jannati: We eat meat once a week. Having faith in people means this. These people have accepted Imam’s path. And they have come all this way to get here. They did this. Being hungry isn’t worse than having one’s children martyred. Can’t someone whose four children were martyred tolerate hunger now? Is he going to say that the enemy must return to his initial place? Eating meat isn’t very good anyway. We might have to eat once a day. These are Imam’s words: Don’t try to make us scared about these things. If it is between saving our honor and filling our stomachs, we prefer to save our honor, and stay hungry. This is Imam’s path.