IRIB pundits on regional issues

[The so-called pundits on Iranian state-run TV talk about issues in the region, including US policies against Iran and Israel ‘being under siege by the Resistance’.]

 –In reality, Trump’s administration suffers from a lack of strategic policy-making with regard to Iran. Who is filling this lack of strategic policy-making? Groups like MEK or monarchists who reside in the US. What has happened to Trump’s administration is that a bunch of displaced people are making strategic policies about Iran for Trump’s administration. They have appointed people who have no experience in making strategy and do not have any strategic mindset. They are a bunch of operatives who cannot do anything more than what we are witnessing now. If necessary, I will explain how with their tactical strikes against us, they are creating strategic opportunities for us.

–It was Iran and the Resistance that were supposed to be sieged. Today it is Israel that is sieged. Israelis wrote in their own sources, saying that ‘when we bug Golan, we here different accents there’. Today, we shouldn’t talk of an isolated Iran. We have a distributed idea in the Middle East called the idea of Resistance in which the people of the region are mainly involved. Its root is in the mobilization of the people against foreign interference in the region. And of course, Iran is proud of helping it a lot. The project of sieging Iran by Takfiris in the region has changed into the project of sieging Israel by the Resistance. Today, the Resistance is standing on the borders of the occupied lands. Today Israel’s biggest stress is that in addition to the front in the north and front in the south, a new front has opened [against them] as well. And they have only one way: that of the sea. That is why Israel is struggling in the Middle East. As you see, carrying out terrorist attack in Iran leads to bolstering national consensus and unity. It even covers up the political gaps. In the past couple of days, all political factions — with any viewpoint in domestic policies — have condemned this move.