Rouhani vows revenge regarding Ahwaz attack!

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

 [Following the attack against a military parade that is reportedly carried out by Ahwaz National Resistance Movement in the Arab Ahvaz region, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vows taking revenge on the perpetrators and those who support them.]

 Hassan Rouhani: No doubt that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not let go of this crime. It quite obvious for us who did this, what group it is, and with whom they have ties. And those who have claims with regard to human rights all over the world, and they keep repeating such claims, they must be accountable now. All these small mercenary countries that we see in the region are backed by the US. Americans provoke them and provide the necessary conditions for them to commit these crimes. Such things will have no impacts on our nation’s resolve, on our way and on our path. Our nation has stood up against and resisted very big crimes. Within the framework of law and the country’s expediency, we will respond to the perpetrators of this incidents. And all of its perpetrators will be arrested and punished.