“All Iranian officials are thieves!”

[An Iranian truck driver complains about the poor quality of products that he has to buy very expensively.]

 –Greeting to Iranian people, and may all the officials –who are embezzlers, thieves and traitors — be damned! This is Khuzestan road. We have a shipment from Ardakan to Dezful. 2,200,000 tomans of Islamic Republic’s currency. Look at this tire.

This is non-standard, and I shouldn’t be moving with this. This is the condition of our tires. (Come here.) This is the condition of our tires. Take a look at the tires we are using. Our respectable officials who are thieves want us to have no problems! I have bought a pair of new tires for 4 million tomans. Look at it! This is no good.

These dirty thieves are now stilling from people directly. I was thinking to myself that I have bought [good] tires! I had Pirouzi tires for ten years, and I used them. This new tire is no good. Look! This tire is no good and is easily damaged. We used to move over stones and bricks with the old ones, and nothing happened. But now, it falls apart after moving over a brick. This is my colleague’s car. Several screws have broken.

And this one is loose. And there are a couple of screws loosened here. Each screw costs 100,000 tomans. For a shipment, how many screws should I buy? Some people say that we should work. But honestly, let’s stop working. I swear you to God. Let’s stop working. How much longer these thieves want to steal from us?

They have got to be ashamed of themselves. Look at me. Let everybody see my image. This respect that we are showing to these thieves-officials is what Chinese people should have for their officials who with 1.5 billion population, have the least amount of embezzlement. Be ashamed of yourselves. In 1979, you chanted slogans and fooled the people. You said, ‘we will force Shah out of the country’. Why? ‘Because Shah had brought assembly industry into the country, and we want to bring mother industries. Okay. Let’s do it. We don’t want to fight.

You, high-ranking officials of the country, who had big mouths at the time of the revolution. I have seen clips from Hassan Rouhani in which he said, ‘Greeting to holy Imam Khomeini’. He had a big mouth then. Now he should be accountable. You had come to bring mother industries. Explain why Pirouzi tire is imported from China. What has happened to all the tires produced in the country? You cannot even produce tire tubes.

Tire tube is 500,000 tomans. Who produces them? Even your missiles are built by Russia. You lie. I swear to God that you lie. With what we see from you, you cannot even produce a plastic container. You are lying. I swear that you are lying. You can’t produce missiles. When you cannot produce screws in the country, then how come you are producing missile? It doesn’t make sense. And if you are telling the truth, then you are like a sportsman who goes to the gym to exercise only on one side. Now you are deformed and distorted. If you were telling the truth, you should have advanced in all your industries. What do you need a missile for? What is your enmity with the world for?