It is impossible to monitor Iran’s supreme leader!

–The responsibility of Assembly of Experts is monitoring the performance of the leader and institutions that are affiliated with him. But as for the role of the Assembly of Experts, there are two views. One group say that the duty of the Assembly of Experts is to elect the supreme leader; one of the people who is more qualified than others must be elected as the leader; his performance and the institutions that are affiliated with him must be monitored; and the Assembly can even oust the leader. But there is another group who are basically supporters of the leader. They believe that the leader is somewhere and the duty of the Assembly of Experts is just to discover him and then protect him, and not monitor him. Currently, the Guardian Council approves or disapproves the qualifications of the candidates for the Assembly of Experts. This council is directly or indirectly appointed by the leader. That is why the Guardian Council can engineer the election and disqualify those candidates who say the leader must be monitored. The people who are elected by this Council have the power to ratify their own laws as to the length of the term of the Assembly, the manner of monitoring and deposing the leader, the members of the Assembly being Islamic jurists, and appointing a lifetime leader. On the other hand, many members of Assembly of Experts are at the same time appointed by the leader to different positions such as the Guardian Council, head of judiciary, mass prayer leaders, and representatives of the supreme leader in cities. What a trick! As a result of all these, monitoring the supreme leader and making him accountable is actually impossible.

[In response to Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif who claims that Iranian leader is elected democratically by the people, the footage shows that it is impossible to monitor the leader’s performance.]