“Without Islamic Republic, there won’t be any Hezbollah”

MP Mohammad Dehghan: To me, the issues raised with regard to Hezbollah, Hamas, IRGC, etc., despite their significance, are of secondary importance. Islamic Republic of Iran is the main issue. Let many [groups like] Hezbollah and others be sacrificed to Islamic Republic of Iran. Without Islamic Republic of Iran, there won’t be any Hezbollah. The next issue is terrorism. What was one of the 41 requirements of FATF? They said, ‘you have included a footnote to the law you passed in 2015 called the law to combat financing terrorism. Drop that footnote’. What was that footnote, Mr. Zarif, that they made it a requirement for us to drop it? In that footnote, we had said that liberation organizations, groups that fight against foreign occupation and fight against racism are exempted from this law. That is, they are not terrorists. We had mentioned this. One of the 41 requirements that FATF imposed on us and our friends signed it was about this footnote.