IRGC sent explosives in hajji’s bags to Saudi Arabia!

Ahmad Montazeri: That was IRGC’s doing. IRGC found a hajj caravan in hajjis’ site, most of whom where old men and women. Without their knowledge, they had placed explosives [in their bags]. It was discovered there, and Saudi Arabia found it.

Interviewer: At that time, Mr Mehdi Hashemi wasn’t in IRGC?

Ahmad Montazeri: Mr Mehdi Hashemi? No.

Interviewer: Does it mean that he wasn’t in IRGC as Mr Montazeri’s representative?

Ahmad Montazeri: It doesn’t matter where he was. It had nothing to do with Mehdi Hashemi. That group was working under direct supervision of Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani. And, for whatever reason, they were exposed. And Mr Karroubi who was the representative of Imam [Khomeini] in hajj had to apologize, asking them not to publicize this issue. But in Iran — from the government cabinet — I heard that they were saying it was Mehdi Hashemi’s doing, saying that it was not the right thing to do. [They said:] ‘Mehdi Hashemi is a shooting target, and many things have been blamed on him. So we will put this one on him too’. That was a mere slander. 100%

Interviewer: If it was the government’s doing, then why did the government itself inform Saudi Arabia with regard to bags with explosives? Does it mean that we sent it ourselves, and then we exposed it?

Ahmad Montazeri: This is the first time I am hearing such a thing. No. Perhaps when it was exposed, they did such a thing to [cover it up]. Or they were informed that it had been exposed, and they tried to say something in this regard. Otherwise, it makes no sense. Also, it might indicate a duality – meaning that IRGC did it [putting explosives in bags], and another part of the government did that [informing Saudis]. You must see into it. But I am not aware of it. What is for sure is that it was IRGC’s doing – the group that was working under the direct supervision of Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani.

[Ahmad Montazeri, son of late Ayatollah Montazeri, explains how IRGC tried to send explosives to Saudi Arabia and failed.]