Why the security forces failed in Ahvaz attack?

Hossein Naqavi Hosseini: Providing security and protection in the location of the parade was very weak, which shows that it was our own weakness. The security of the location must have been provided. The guards must have been there to check comings and goings. The green space behind the stand didn’t have any protection. Very easily they came from that green space and machine-gunned the people. Therefore, these weaknesses were reviewed, and the National Security Commission was very serious about it. And it was even announced that that we won’t let these weaknesses pass, and organizations must be accountable in this regard. Certainly, the National Security Commission will follow up the issue, and will identify those who failed in providing the security of the location where the parade was held. One of the terrorists had come there the morning of the day before the parade, and he took a good look at the location for the operation. In the footage, it is obvious that he comes and goes to the end of the street and then comes back. He takes a good look to see where they should come in, and where they should go to. And there are no security-monitoring forces there to see why this person was checking this street out. Or it was announced that they have taken their safe house and 22 people have been arrested. Well, why these 22 people have been arrested after the operation? Why was this safe house not identified before the operation? It is no use if the intelligence forces identify the safe house after the operation. They should have been identified before the operation. Honestly, there are serious weaknesses. And we hope that these weaknesses are investigated and removed.