Iran will cross your redlines!

Brigadier General Hossein Salami: Scenarists and designers of these blind strategies are within the triangle of the US, Zionist regime, Saudi Arabia, and Emirates. We tell Emirates and Saudi Arabia that you are too small to be competitor and rival to the big country of Iran that has stood up to the most unprecedented empires in the history of mankind for 40 years. And at important junctures of this 40-year history, it has imposed great defeats on them. Stop doing mischievous things and conspiring. You are conquerable. You are sitting in glass palaces. You cannot bear the revenge of Iranian people. We have shown restrained, and we have shown revolutionary nobility, thanks to the remarks of the leader of our revolution. But if you cross our redlines, we will certainly cross your redlines. We also warn the US to stop backing the terrorists; it will be harmful to them.

–Obviously, this is done by enemies of Iran and Islam such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US that create problems. But they will not achieve their goals.

–Behind these measures, there are countries like the US, Britain, and Saudi Arabia. They must be certain that they cannot do a damn thing.

–Death to Britain

–Death to seditionist Britain