Saudis were behind attack on their own embassy in Tehran!

Amir-Abdullahian: In my opinion, according to the existing evidence – a part of which I will tell you now and one of the medias published it a while ago – Saudis themselves designed this. And Saudis themselves were behind the incident in their embassy. Why? Because after this happened, one of the then ambassadors came to my office in the foreign ministry. He gave me a note. Once week before that incident, Saudi embassy in Tehran had sent a note to other embassies – to its own friends’ embassies, and not to those friends with Iran – putting all the embassy’s vehicles and Saudi diplomats’ vehicles in Tehran for sale. As you know, when diplomats’ terms are over, they notify other embassies – because their vehicles must be sold to other embassies – saying that ‘we are going, and we are selling our cars within 15 days or two weeks’. It is understandable if one diplomat does it. It is understandable if five diplomats do it. But all vehicles of the embassy and diplomats one week before anything happening in front of the embassy? Not even one simple demonstration was held in front of the embassy, and they had given notice [for selling vehicles]. And then that incident took place.

[Hossein Amir-Abdullahian, aide to speaker of Iranian parliament and former deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs, claim that Saudis were behind the attack against their own embassy in Tehran.]