IRGC and KDP, the eternal tussle in Iran!

Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces Major General Bagheri

[Following IRGC’s missile attack against the base of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan in Iraqi Kurdistan, Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces Major General Bagheri is threatening to take more actions against them. Iraqi government condemned this attack as ‘violation of its sovereignty’.]

TV anchor: Final ultimatum to disruptors of security. A more smashing response to the repetition of threats and mischiefs.

Major General Bagheri: If such conspiracies continue, armed forces of Islamic Republic will not remain silent. We give an ultimatum, we wait, we give warning, we send messages. But if conspiracies continue, there will be no other way but confrontation. And we will defend ourselves. We will not wait until insecurity comes inside our people’s houses, or to our factories, or to our development and population centers and then take actions.

TV anchor: Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces said, even though the officials of Iraqi Kurdistan and Kurdistan’s [Democratic] Party gave a written commitment [to Iranian officials] in 1996 to not have any operations within Iran, they — with the U.S. provocations — reneged their pledges. Major General Bagheri asked the Iraqi government and Iraqi Kurdistan government to either hand over the separatist terrorists who are criminal to Iran or expel them [from Iraq].