The vicious circle of Khamenei’s leadership

[A simple graph shows the vicious circle of overseeing the leader’s performance and decisions. Those who should do so must be first approved by the Guardian Council whose members are directly and indirectly appointed by Khamenei!]

–Hello, my friends. Today I want to show a simple graph that why Mr. Khamenei cannot be replaced or even criticized after 29 years of leadership and under current horrible economic conditions. As you see, Mr. Khamenei is elected and overseen by Assembly of Experts. But representatives in Assembly of Experts must be approved by the Guardian Council, and both of them [Assembly of Experts and Guardian Council] are headed by Mr. Janati. The Guardian Council has 12 members, 6 of whom are appointed by Khamenei himself and 6 by the head of the judiciary system. The head of judiciary — Sadegh Larijani — is appointed by Khamenei himself. In fact, Khamenei himself decides who to oversee and approve him in this vicious circle. This means dictatorship.