KDPI under the Iranian military threatening

Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of Iran, Major General Bagheri

 [Following IRGC’s missile attack against the base of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of Iran, Major General Bagheri, threatens to target Kurdish forces that are against Iranian regime again.]

 Major General Bagheri: If they cannot hand them [members of the Democratic Party] over, they should expel them from their country. We will stand by this. And if these incidents that create insecurity continue, what happened in attacking their base and punishing these criminals and their criminal commanders may happen again. This is the right to self-defend, and Iranian people will use this right at the right time. Such insecurities should not be created. Hopefully, this operation will be a lesson for them so that no such things would happen again, and we won’t have any insecurity in Kurdistan.

–From a military point of view, did you achieve all targets you had planned to?

Major General Bagheri: Absolutely. As I said before, intelligence, planning, commanding the scene and the operation all went very well, and all goals were achieved. Targeting their meeting from such a long distance wasn’t incidental. This is the power of the Iranian nation. And we hope we don’t have to repeat it.