Iran’s missile attack on KDP: A message to the U.S.?

[IRGC in Iran claimed to fire seven Fateh 110 ballistic missiles in an attack on Kurdish opposition groups in Koya in northern Iraq that killed 14 people and wounded many others. It was the first time that Iranian forces had used precision missiles to attack deep inside Iraq. Iraqi government condemned this attack, calling it ‘violation of its sovereignty’.]

 This is where the rocket hit the Hezb democratic Iran [Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan]. There were around 6 to 7 missiles that hit its basis yesterday in the morning and there were over 10 to 11 people killed in this attack. So far there is no international condemnation. There is no international response. And it’s the first time it seems that Iran is using missiles to attack the Iranian Kurdish opposition that is based here in Koya. And it’s interesting to see if this is a message from Iran to America to say just like in Yemen, just like in Syria, we do whatever we want and there will be nothing you can do to stop us.