“US, Israel will not attack Iran directly”!

The former Iranian defense minister Hossein Dehghani Poudeh

In an interview with Russia Today channel, former Iranian defense minister Hossein Dehghani Poudeh said: “I do not think that the region is heading for a crisis that could drag the region into war. In other words, the scene in the region is not set for war.”

He added, “the Americans seek to put huge political and economic pressure on the Iranians, noting Iran, nevertheless, does not think that the US or Israel decided to start a direct confrontation with Iran. But they may launch attacks against Tehran’s allies in Syria and Iraq under other pretexts. And these attacks will have their consequences. And every decision that will be made in this respect will have its own price.”

As to Saudi Arabia, Dehghani said: “Saudi Arabia is a dependent state that cannot make a decision of its own when it comes to the situation in the region”.  He further claimed, “It has neither political, economic nor geographical potentials that enable it to wage a war on Iran.” The Iranian official also noted, “Iran employed all its capabilities against Iran in the past. But all its attempts came to naught.”

He explained that “Iran, due to its massive capabilities, will emerge victorious after any war it is dragged into.” He stated: “the Saudi propaganda promote nothing but unfounded claims and Riyadh seeks to satisfy the US and Israel.”

“The Saudi claims aim to demonize Iran under the pretense it meddles in the affairs of the region,” the official noted, explaining that “Iran is capable of developing its missiles in a brief period.”

Dehghani also added that “the Iranian missiles are sufficient for repelling the current threats.”

But he asserted: “in case the threats had changed and a need for countering them emerged, there will be no problem with increasing the range of the Iranian missiles.”

Asked, “Is Iran ready to negotiate its missile program? he said that “this matter is a joke. No one on earth can offer advantages to other parties for free, noting the issue is non-negotiable even if the other parties offer guarantees.”

He responded: “It is a matter of life or death. It is a matter of awe, honor, independence, and national confidence. No dialogue is allowed regarding this issue. And in case the Americans imagined that this issue is negotiable, it seems they are so optimistic.”

He concluded: “We will never negotiate our missile program whatsoever the circumstances are,” he asserted.