Zarif meets with Syrian dictator!

Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif

 [IRIB report about Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif’s trip to Syria. Iran is one of the main supporters of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. More than 500,000 thousand people have been killed in Syrian civil war.]

 TV anchor: Iran and Syria, despite the pressure from the west, continue to defend the values and interests of both countries, creating security and peace in the region. Following the meeting of Iranian foreign minister with Syrian president in Damascus, Syrian president’s office issued a statement, saying Bashar Assad and Zarif considered the defeat of conspiracies of western countries in the region due to resistance of nations of both countries. Mr. Zarif backed the resolve of Syrian government in confronting with terrorists in Idlib. In Zarif’s trip, the latest developments in Syria and the region, as well as topics of trilateral summit of leaders of countries guaranteeing Astana process, were discussed. The summit of leaders of countries guaranteeing Astana process will be held in Tehran next Friday with presence of presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey. Meanwhile, the U.S. and France expressed worries with regard to Syrian government’s efforts to suppress terrorists in Idlib. Trump, under seemingly humanitarian concerns, tweeted that Bashar Assad shouldn’t attack Idlib recklessly.