Iran is determined to destroy Israel!

General Gholamhossein Gheibparvar, Chief of Basij

[General Gholamhossein Gheibparvar, Chief of Basij, repeats usual propaganda of Iranian regime as to ‘destroying Israeli regime’.]

 General Gholamhossein Gheibparvar: If we pay a little attention, we can distinguish the friends from the enemies. The performance of Israel’s fake regime towards the Islamic Revolution, and towards oppressed people of the region is quite obvious. If we say that Israeli regime is infanticide, we have proofs for that; if we say they are a cancerous tumor, we have reasons for that; if we say we are determined to destroy Israel, we have reasons as to why: this regime has stood up against humanity. Now some say we’re are a threat but take a look at the evidence. See what has been the gift of the Islamic Revolution for its people, for the people of the region, and people of the world. Our message has been that of resistance. The message of our revolution has been the fact that people to stand on their own feet, we want to hold our heads high, and we want to live under the God’s religion. This isn’t just words. We have been proving this in the battlefield for 40 years. We have proved it again and again that we won’t cave in reaching our own goals. We have given thousands of martyrs. More than 230,000 martyrs given to dear Islam is a clear evidence for the brilliant path of Islamic Revolution. Our people know it very well, people of the region know it very well, people of the world know it, and even the enemy knows who and where the real threat is. But we must accept the fact that in today’s world, psychological warfare is very effective, and naturally, our enemies and those who confront us have been using this effective weapon. We too must be careful to tell the facts and realities to people as they are.