Are you (Mr. Rouhani) the president of Switzerland?

Mujtaba Zolnour, an Iranian lawmaker

 [Iranian MPs asked Hassan Rouhani questions about his government’s performance and were not convinced by his answers. Here Mujtaba Zolnour points out to contradictory statistics offered by the government with respect to employment and job creation.]

 Zolnour: I don’t know if you are the president of Switzerland or Iran. There were five million houses being built in Mehr Housing project – well the workers who were working on this project can hear – and you say 10,000 jobs annually? In the third year of the first term of your presidency, these MPs were here. In ‘Iftar’ ceremony of the supreme leader, you said you had created 2,500,000 jobs. And last year, Mr. Jahangiri and you said 700,000 jobs [were created], which all together it becomes 3,200,000 jobs. But today you say you have created +2,000,000 jobs. How should we interpret these contradictory statistics?