Moderates play no role in Iran!

Michael Pregent, Senior fellow at Hudson Institute

 [Michael Pregent, Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute, talks about how the moderates play no role in Iran’s politics.]

Michael Pregent (Senior fellow at Hudson Institute): Rouhani is being scapegoated by the supreme leader. It is not important who is the president of the country. The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic is the one responsible for the current conditions of Iran’s economy. The financial benefits of JCPOA have gone to waste because of the regime’s adventures managed by the leader of the Islamic Republic. Rouhani will be sacrificed by the regime. Of course, I should say that there is no difference between moderates like Rouhani and hardliners such as Raisi. The final decision is made by the leader of the Islamic republic. Such individuals are working as moderate figures merely to interact with the West. You cannot call yourself a moderate and then carry out the leader’s commands.