Iran has lowest minimum wage in the region!

–Mr. Zarif said about 20 days ago that ‘we have had crisis for 40 years – we are in sensitive conditions – because of the kind of governance the we want to have’. The reason for Iran’s poverty is this kind of governance. And in so far as this governance continues, Iran will get poorer and poorer. Let me say something very quickly. The minimum wage in Iran is 1,115,000 tomans, equal to $101. As for neighboring countries, Turkey with $256, Pakistan with $156, Iraq – the country that you keep saying Iran must help – $214. Minimum wage in Iran is $101. Minimum wage in South Korea – whose income per capita was half of Iran before the revolution – is $1,155. This means that if the same ratio had remained, minimum wage in Iran would have been 25 million tomans now. In Lebanon, it is $446. In Syria – which is in war and they keep scaring Iranian people about it – it is $176. As for Palestine that you keep talking about. You don’t let me talk. In Palestine – which Islamic Republic says it is their duty to defend it – minimum wage is $384.