Iranian intelligence minister claims former Israeli cabinet member was Iran’s spy

Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi

 [Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi seems to claim that his ministry had a spy in Israeli cabinet, former energy minister Gonen Segev.]

 Minister of Intelligence: As for our counterespionage department, naturally it prioritizes prevention of espionage over arresting those who have become spies. Therefore, we have training for individuals who are subject to attacks by espionage organizations, so that they won’t become spies. We don’t want to wait for them to become spies and then arrest them. We prioritize prevention to treatment. We also use intelligent, aggressive operations against intelligence organizations and services. In many cases, we also have in-depth knowledge about intelligence services in order to neutralize the espionage operations of foreign services. The intelligence ministry’s anti-espionage unit is one of the strongest units of the ministry and one of the strongest among the world’s intelligence services. You might have heard a while ago from a very powerful intelligence service of a country that we recruited a member of their cabinet.