IRGC regional power is extraordinary!

General Ramazan Sharif, spokesperson of Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

[General Ramazan Sharif, spokesperson of Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), talks about how powerful Iran’s armed forces have become compared to 40 years ago when the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran. It must be mentioned, there have been widely popular protests all over Iran against the establishment, economic corruptions, foreign policy, etc.]

General Sharif: In the light of the experiences and inspiring teachings of the holy war [Iran-Iraq war], we have become a dominant military power in the region. Today no one has any doubts that we are a missile power who can protect and support our land, our people, our revolution, and the friends of our revolutions. And the enemy doesn’t dare to plan and enforce a military operation. This is not just a slogan. This is a fact that has been proved in the battlefield. All the fusses that the enemies – Americans, Israelis, and sometimes Saudis – are making is not out of power. It is out of weakness. The enemy doesn’t have Saddam and Baath party any longer; the enemy doesn’t have Masoud Rajavi and MEKs any longer; the enemy doesn’t have Komala and Democrat parties [in Kurdistan] to disrupt the country’s security any longer; the enemy doesn’t have ISIS and Al Nusra Front any longer; the enemy doesn’t have Saudis with minimum of honor and dignity in the Islamic world any longer. What Saudis did in Yemen – three years of bombing Yemen, and bombing Arab, oppressed, Sunni people of Yemen – have left no honor for them. So you see that today Islamic Republic is successful and honorable by God’s grace and thanks to the guidance of the supreme leader and thanks to the efforts of fighters and martyrs’ pure blood. Today the Islamic Republic’s words are decisive in the region. This Islamic Republic is different from 40 years ago. In many fields of powers, we have reached a more desirable condition compared to the enemy and to the beginning of the revolution.