BBC Persian isn’t impartial!

Former BBC Persian anchor, Fardad Farahzad

[Following his resignation from BBC Persian, former anchor Fardad Farahzad reveals that majority of those who work in BBC Persian are partial to reformists in Iran.]

Interviewer: What people see and infer is that BBC Persian has leaned towards Iranian reformists. And that is perhaps because Rouhani had studied in Britain for several years, and reformists have support in London.

Fardad Farahzad (former BBC anchor): Let me say that this might be true. And that is because most of the journalists who were hired by BBC 10 years ago had come from reformist newspapers in Iran. Of course, among my colleagues, there are those who are monarchists or subversive in their personal lives and have different views. But perhaps this is not far from the truth to say that majority of journalists who work for BBC – in their minds – are not for a revolutionary event in Iran. They are for somehow reforming the system which exists– be it through reformists or in some other way inside the country. This is their personal view and I am not talking about their professional activities.

Interviewer: What you said is hard to digest. You said those who are in BBC Persian are not subversive. There are those there who believe in reformation. Is that so?

Fardad Farahzad: A considerable number of them. There are some of my colleagues who are subversive, meaning that they are for regime change in Iran. There are those who are monarchists, and those who are reformists.