Karbaschi slams Iranian military presence in Syria

Gholamhossein Karbaschi, reformist politician

[Gholamhossein Karbaschi, reformist politician close to former president Mohammad Khatami, strongly criticizes IRGC’s role and policy in the region, which has resulted in getting people killed. Many Iranians have been killed in Syrian war to keep Syrian dictator Bashar Assad in power.]

 Karbaschi: Don’t say such things. Is it religious courage to create this unaccountable apparatus in the name of ‘defending the shrine’? We too want to have peace in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and all these places, to defend the oppressed, to boost Shi’as. But is the only way to do so by giving money, buying weapons, killing, etc.? This government, with its religious courage, says, ‘let’s use our diplomatic capacity to resolve the regional issues’. The diplomatic capacity of our great diplomats could bring 6 great powers to the table for negotiations and resolve the issue of sanctions that was in the UN Security Council. They can also resolve these issues. Why should we send our dear youths to get martyred? I pity these youths who are getting martyred. Why should people get killed?