Regime cleric: Iran will “flatten Tel Aviv”, target US forces across the region for any “wrongdoing”

In this footage from the main Friday prayers  of last week in Tehran’s largest mosque, a senior regime cleric delivers a furious sermon threatening that Iran will launch missiles against Israel to “flatten Tel Aviv” and target US troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Persian Gulf area in retaliation for any ‘wrongdoing’ by the USA or Israel.

Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi-Kermani, the imam temporarily leading the Friday Prayers on Ayatollah Khamenei’s behalf, is the Secretary-General of the regime’s ‘Combatant Clergy Association’ and a member of the regime’s Assembly of Experts.

In his sermon, Ayatollah Movahedi-Kermani, told the congregation, “Trump’s furious about the seven trillion dollars he’s spent in the region because he sees that he hasn’t done anything – hasn’t achieved anything. He took this funding to remain in Syrian Kurdistan from Saudi Arabia and wants to get money from the Arabs in exchange for providing them with security against the threats by Iran.

The United States lacks the courage to enter into war with Iran. They are anxious about the Zionists’ [Israel’s] security. They know very well that if something happens, they will face a daunting prospect, whether in their own area or far away. Thousands of missiles from Hezbollah and Hamas and tens of thousands of multinational forces established in Syria will flatten Tel Aviv.’

At this point the congregation chants: “God is great.”

The Ayatollah then continues: “Today Iran is very close to Israel’s borders. The tiniest wrongdoing, whether by Israel or America, will have dangerous consequences for them, and will be bitterly regretted by them.

On the other hand, Iran’s defensive power, the same missiles they want to disable, is paying a key role in discouraging them from entering into war.

Americans are very well-informed about our great power and know that the era of hit-and-run is over. They are very well-informed about Iran’s regional power and its relationship with the region’s nations. Today, tens of thousands of US military forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the Persian Gulf nations are easy targets for Iran’s missiles.

Didn’t they see the production of the first indigenously-produced warplane equipped with advanced fourth-generation fire control,  which has the holy name of Kawsar, by a powerful force?

The United States is unable to fight us, not because they pity us. If it could achieve anything by war, it would fight, but it can’t.”