Mother of alleged spy talk to Khamenei against influence of U.S. culture!

Susan Ghahramani Ghajar: Many groups consisting of passionate, jihadi youths are working all around the country, presenting the language of resistance to children in their neighborhoods and students in universities. But unfortunately, there is not enough support, and still the view of the U.S. and British rules, which says that we must teach the language along with its culture. If in the U.S. and British culture, they hold the fork in their right or left hand, I don’t think that it is something that we Iranians and Muslims believe in. What they are teaching to beginner, intermediate or advanced students is nothing but a shallow approach to language. When we find out about the deeper layers of language, then we will see that our talented, smart and intelligent children are not happy with this language which humiliate our children. It teaches them a lifestyle which is neither respected by American and British intellectuals, nor by us. We hope that by looking at language as the language of resistance in Persian, Arabic, and all other languages in the world, we can lean more and more. But it should be a language which brings glory and honor for our country and the world. Thank you.

Ali Khamenei: May God keep you pure! That was very good – a very clear and exact view about the issue. It is what I have in mind as well.

[Susan Ghahramani Ghajar, English language instructor in Al Zahra University and mother of Ahmad Doostdar – Iranian-American who was arrested in the U.S. on charge of espionage for Islamic Republic. In meeting of state university professors with Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei in May 2016, she talked against the influence of U.S. and British culture through teaching English language.]