Khamenei’s solution to fight corruption!

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei

[Following the economic instability and crisis in Iran, Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei agrees with formation of revolutionary courts to deal with so-called cases of “economic corruption”. Economists think that corruption in Iran has become so systematic and institutionalized that such measures by the judiciary branch which is corrupt itself will be useless.]

 Ali Khamenei: The enemy wants to convey that the country is in the deadlock. What I am saying is that there is no deadlock in the country. In the field of economy, for example, there is no deadlock. It is not that there are no solutions. The economic problems are known, and the solutions are known as well. The officials must show resolve in this regard. And they have started to. One of the things that must be done is confronting corruption. The letter that the head of judiciary wrote to me and I responded to it is a positive step for confronting corruption and corruptor. Corruption and corruptor must be punished. Why do I insist on saying that in public? Because the experience shows that when confrontation with corruption and corruptor starts, there will be voices against it here and there. A few years ago – ten or twelve years ago, I don’t remember exactly when – I wrote a letter to heads of three branches, saying corruption is like a seven-head dragon. When you cut one head, the other heads raise. You must confront it completely. The reason why I announce this publicly is for everyone to know that there must be decisive confrontation with corruptors with any consideration.