Ahmad Khatami threatens to target Israel if U.S. attacks Iran

Ahmad Khatami: America knows well that if it damages this nation a little, we will chase them all over the world and make them miserable. The cost of this war will be monstrous for America, because they know that if a little damage is inflicted on the Islamic state, it won’t be the only target, but the U.S. ally in the region – Zionist regime – will be targeted as well. This upstart America has asked to negotiate with us 8 times. Today this liar dishonorably says, ‘I am not after negotiation; if Iranians want to, I will accept it.’ Why do you lie? You disrupted the JCPOA to have new negotiations with Iran to incorporate the missile power; you disrupted the JCPOA to incorporate Iran’s regional power in the negotiation. But this time, too, the officials of the Islamic state will make disappointed with regard to negotiations.