Iran claims to unveil new fighter jet!

Reporter: Today’s success of defense industry is a fighter jet, named Kowsar. A fighter jet that is designed domestically. Landing gear, the main gear and its nose are domestic. Ironed-wing bird whose ammunition system, front and back cabins, multi-purpose digital monitors have all been built by the specialists of air industry in defense ministry. The wings, the body and safety layers of our Kowsar, too, have been designed and built by our specialists. Our fighter jet uses the national engines called Owj which are all Iranian. Kowsar has ejection seat, which means that the pilot can save himself at the time of danger. With achieving this complex technology without help of military advisors, we are the first country in Asia and the Middle East and the third country in the world to be able to design and build this seat. Our fighter jet has high-maneuver capacity in the sky. And it has the 4th generation of fire control system.

–This aircraft can fly up to 45,000 feet, and its speed is 1.2 mach. It can carry out its missions in that altitude and speed.

Reporter: The strong point of our Kowsar is removing all the weak points of similar fighter jets, and stronger design of its body. Building this fighter jet prevented $7.5 million from exiting the country for each aircraft, and also created jobs for 4000 people, as well as creating the opportunity to bridge this industry with 10 best universities and 72 technological companies.